Prose Poem: Beach Girl

This poem is another from ‘Elemental,’ my series in progress on love, sex and relationships. I would really love feedback on this one. It feels… incomplete, but it also feels like I’ve gotten it as far as I can without a little help. Any thoughts on ways to improve this one? I hope I’m only being a bit hard on myself, as I feel like that poetic spark I’ve been riding high so long has dwindled. I know it’ll be back, but it always makes me nervous when it disappears. After dealing with such cognitive impairment for years, I no longer take anything for granted. Continue reading Prose Poem: Beach Girl

Building Your Blog Brand on Pinterest

As self-publishing authors, bloggers are in the position of having to constantly sell ourselves and our “wares.” It’s not enough to write and post, you have to promote it, too. Any blogger succeeding out there will tell you that it’s all about utilizing social media and putting your stuff out there in front of the faces that want to consume it. You simply cannot build … Continue reading Building Your Blog Brand on Pinterest