Anthony Doerr: A Literary Treasure

As I said when I wrote about Brandon Sanderson, there are certain authors I’ve come to read and love so much that I want to gobble up everything they’ve ever written. Anthony Doerr is another of those author’s for me. He’s not a fantasy writer, though you’ll certainly find elements of mysticism in some of his work. What charms me about Doerr’s writing is not his imagination, though it is certainly fertile. It’s the way he writes, the way he sees the world and the beauty and tragedy within it. It’s the simplicity with which he tells his stories, which is never boring or overbearing, but so simply and elegantly stated that you feel instantly transformed and transported into the world he’s created. Continue reading Anthony Doerr: A Literary Treasure

Brandon Sanderson Books I’ve Loved

Having just finished Skyward and Starsight, which are part of the Skyward Series, I thought now would be an excellent time to talk a bit about why I’ve come to love Brandon Sanderson’s books so much. Sanderson in no way disappoints with this new young adult (YA) series. I loved it so much, I’ll definitely be checking out more of his completed YA works soon. Continue reading Brandon Sanderson Books I’ve Loved

‘Training Wheels’ published in ‘Kentucky’s Best Emerging Poets 2019: An Anthology’

The anthology includes some incredible poems on themes ranging from love and heartbreak, family and friendship, the inherent beauty of nature, and so much more. I’m honored to have my work placed aside both newly emerging voices as the name implies, as well as other more established writers, such as Amanda G. Crum, Delaney L. Holt, Bobbi Dawn Rightmyer, Tatiana Ryckman and Mervyn R. Seivwright, among others. Continue reading ‘Training Wheels’ published in ‘Kentucky’s Best Emerging Poets 2019: An Anthology’

Beauty and Tragedy in ‘Salt In My Soul’

There are many life lessons in Smith’s words, made wise beyond her years by chronic illness and the knowledge that her lifespan would be shortened dramatically by Cystic Fibrosis. Being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at age 3 and developing one of the deadliest lung infections a person with CF could have as a young teen, Smith knew she probably wasn’t long for this world. She did everything she could to make her young life count and this journal is part of the legacy she leaves behind. Continue reading Beauty and Tragedy in ‘Salt In My Soul’