Guest Poetry: Bonfire of the Fascist

David Curtis’ first published poem, Guest Poetry: 2020 was a big hit when introduced on Mykie Writes It last month and I’m thrilled to be able to share another very timely piece from him. David has a very bold and uncompromising voice that I’ve always appreciated in his essays and love even more in his poetry. His humor helps to soften the edges of the truth he dishes out and boy doesn’t Trump make it easy. I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I do! Let us know in the comments and feel free to rate the poem using the stars at the top of the page.

Thanks, Mykie

Bonfire of the Fascist

America burns, while the president is huddled deep in his bunker, angry and muddled. He stares at his screen with vacuous eyes, tweeting out hatred and insidious lies. He screams, “Black men are thugs!” to his sycophants. He looks in the mirror; “I forgot to wear pants.” He tells the press that the protesters are heathens, while goose stepping cops stop another black man from breathing. Black Lives Matter is met with derision. Keep America white is what he envisioned. He and his ilk keep the masses divided,with the racism and hatred his ancestors provided.

By David Curtis

All rights Reserved. “Bonfire of the Fascist” may not be reprinted without permission from the author.

A quote from "Bonfire of the Fascist" by David Curtis. To read the full poem which examines the political unrest of current day politics in the US, visit Mykie Writes It and

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2 thoughts on “Guest Poetry: Bonfire of the Fascist

  1. Thank you. Mykie has read me some of your work, which I highly enjoyed. It’s cool to get recognized by a writer in which both of us really like.

    It is a shame that tRump has such a rabid cult following. I’m glad that most are coming around to see what he really is.


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