Prose Poem: Radar Blip

Another from my love, sex and relationships series that I really, really need to name already, don’t I? Though our relationships with some may not last long, they still leave an impression.

Radar Blip

You were a good Irish Catholic lass, which is to say you were never meant for the likes of this back alley trash from the wrong sort of family. You were a sweet bitter apple, my Erin of Eire; match we did not, from our bibles to our chemistry.

by Michelle Beltano Curtis

All Rights Reserved. “Radar Blip” may not be reprinted without the author’s permission.

Another prose poem by Michelle Beltano Curtis on the subject of love, sex and relationships: Radar Blip captures the fleeting nature of attraction and attempts at love with poorly suited partners.

5 thoughts on “Prose Poem: Radar Blip

  1. I am a born and raised Cincinnatian, though I moved away for over a decade before returning for grad school in my early thirties. These days I’m technically a Northern Kentuckian, but unlike most of my neighbors, I happily consider our area part of greater Cincinnati. What do you think of our city? Have you lived here long?

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  2. You’ve named some of my favorite things about Cincy, especially the arts. I really wasn’t sad to come back! I bet it took quite a lot of adjusting for you. I hear Southern California is a pretty hard locale to beat and the snow on these hills can be a real bummer.

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